Maven 2.0: Compile, Test, Run, Deploy, and More
Subject:   Could you kindly mention how to use maven to create a SLSB facaded ejb app
Date:   2006-04-30 17:19:29
From:   ameelin
I have an app that uses ejb with spring(applicationContext.xml buried in ejb-jar), hibernate et al and running on JBoss. Want to "mavenize" the exisiting project(well by starting afresh:)
[Ok which imbecile would use ejbs nowadays? I use SLSB ejb for the "distributedness" of the application and cluster support from JBoss application server. Using tomcat alone is not an option as I get out-of-the-box clustering with much for sidenote]

What archetype should I use with Maven? A quickie example would be great.