Advanced MySQL Replication Techniques
Subject:   wrong master_log_pos, master_log_name
Date:   2006-05-03 10:21:24
From:   MarkSwanson
I know the code is for example purposes, but hard coding these values will not work. The manual seems to imply that if no values (master_log_pos, master_log-name) are used the slave will use the same coordinates it was using with the old master. The manual further states this will ensure no discontinuity in replication.

I wasn't able to find anything in the documentation that stated that the log filenames and their contents were byte-for-byte in sync between machines. The log filenames are definately different on my master compared to my slave.

So does an existing slave - when changed to a master - rename its log files and adjust the log file contents so that when a slave connects with previous file/offset coordinates everything will work?

I somehow don't think it works this way, but can't find the documentation on how it does work. Please post if you know.


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