The Strange Case of the Disappearing Open Source Vendors
Subject:   So called: corrosive effects are not demonstratable.
Date:   2002-07-17 21:39:47
From:   john_betelgeuse
Response to: Essay sidesteps the demonstrable corrosive effects of some licenses

> If you were King, exactly what markup
> would you mandate?

If I were King, I wouldn't mandate markups . . .
I would mandate that all interfaces, file formats
and network protocols would be required to be
released as free and royalty free standards to
the public.

A rather nice compromise, I think, in that it
wouldn't force a company to give away it's
IP, but it would eliminate the problem of
"vendor tie-in" by giving customers the ability
to mix and match components aquired from
different companies and sources.

> The market should reward developers
> according to what it thinks products
> are work.

Agreed. However, that is not how the market
currently works. The market is forced to
continue buying and using products due to the
fact that the vendor has "locked them in" to
its product by encrypting their data in
secret, proprietary file formats, by locking
them into secret, proprietary protocols, and
by unfairly hobbling competition by providing
information about only an inferior sub-set
of the interfaces available on thier components.

> Here's an analogous question: What's to
> keep me from destroying public parks
> by not donating the land on which my
> house sits to be used as one?

Nothing. So the government may be required
to exercise eminent domain, pay you, and
kick you out.

What was your point? And how does this relate
to the topic at hand.