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Subject:   A Little Further Trouble
Date:   2006-05-04 20:32:03
From:   DemonHood
Here is my little or should i say enormous trouble
My damn ipod shuffle has crashed way beyond normal, why? well i been using it since two weeks ago and last night it suddenly stop working! why? i dont know but not even the itunes, ephod, anapod, winamp ipod plug-in or the restore aplication recognize it like an ipod. Further more, when i try to access it from my pc it appears like a flash memory! but" i cant open it or even see what is in it, cuz well, it says "there is no drive" but o hell! i see it right there. Also when i try to format it, it appears full, well not full, but with 0kb available of 0kb of total memory!
What can i do? can somebody plz tell me?

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