Configuration Management in Java EE Applications Using Subversion
Subject:   svn: Malformed network data?
Date:   2006-05-05 10:03:36
From:   justes
Response to: svn: Malformed network data?

However, I change the code little bit in as follow:

public void initRepository() {

// DAVRepositoryFactory.setup();


//credentials to authenticate into SVN
String name = "user";
String password = "pwd";
try {
//point to the root folder in the repository

// SVNURL svnUrl = SVNURL.parseURIEncoded("http://localhost/repos/");
SVNURL svnUrl = SVNURL.parseURIEncoded("svn://localhost:7088/");

//initialize the SVNRepository
theRepository = SVNRepositoryFactory.create(svnUrl); :