How to Build a Nonprofit for Your Community
Subject:   Software Freedom Conservancy
Date:   2006-05-07 21:57:49
From:   otaku42
Thanks for this article, it's a very nice reading. I'm currently working with some others on planning to move a project we're working for (MadWifi) to non-profit status.

We stumbled across an interesting way to start a non-profit without the need to take care of all the involved paper-work: the Software Freedom Conservancy [1].

The conservancy is some kind of a non-profit umbrella. Projects join and automatically become a non-profit entity. The Conservancy provides "free financial and administrative services, but does not involve itself with technological and artistic decisions". They have some well-known members (currently: Wine, ucLibc, SurveyOS and BusyBox) and an interesting board, including Eben Moglen.

While this might not fit every project, it seems worth to have a look at it. There's a NewsForge article [2] which makes up a good starting point.

Bye, Mike