Building Highly Scalable Servers with Java NIO
Subject:   Bug
Date:   2006-05-09 04:05:15
From:   Khiraly
Try to connect to it via telnet, and paste some string to it. The java program will always receive 0 byte.

Add a line to
System.out.println("0 byte recieved");

It will always print 0 byte received, if you paste strings into the telnet program. Its really strange. I dont known, it is a bug in the progtam or in java or in linux.

I tried jdk 1.4 and 1.5 too (for linux).

Im quite sure, that this is not partial packet received thing, because I can paste into telnet more than 2kB, so its sure, that its more than one packet.

Here is the "modified" code:

if (packet == null) {
// Partial packet received. Must wait for more data. All the contents
// of inBuffer were processed by the protocol decoder. We can
// delete it and prepare for more data.
System.out.println("0 byte");
} else {

Can somebody help me?