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  Grabbing iTMS Preview Tracks the Geek Way
Subject:   Real use for preview tracks: a portable Wish List
Date:   2006-05-15 01:22:40
From:   alderete
Actually, I can think of a very practical reason why a person might like to create a playlist of preview tracks, and be able to get them to their iPod: the preview tracks make a terrific Wish List, and having them on your iPod makes them portable into a music store (for those of us still buying things on CD, anyway).

Unfortunately, I don't think this tip helps me much in that regard, in that what I *most* want is the metadata associated with the track, rather than the track itself (which is really just a placeholder used to have something to attach the metadata to).

Anybody have a solution to that?

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  1. Real use for preview tracks: a portable Wish List
    2006-06-07 11:01:26  cksmith [View]

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