Using PC-BSD
Subject:   looks very promising
Date:   2006-05-16 22:40:13
From:   fukkyushoo
I had tried outh the 1.0rc1 version when it came out and it looks promising. I think they are doing an excellent job making FreeBSD usable by the average user. For myself I use FreeBSD 6.0 and the online handbook for the purpose of learning about computers, OSes and how they work. FreeBSD is an excellent platform for learning the concepts of computing.
Also I can add that of all my computers, Mac OSX 10.3, Fedora Core 5 and FreeBSD 6.0, that FreeBSD + KDE 3.4 seems to be the most stable even beating out OS X in stability in the gui area. I like OS X but at times it can be heavy. FreeBSD is great for those that want to learn computers and PC-BSD and/or DesktopBSD is great for those that just want to use it. I hope the development of these 2 great desktop environments goes well so that more can enjoy the amazing stability of the platform.