Grabbing iTMS Preview Tracks the Geek Way
Subject:   Apple should leverage this!
Date:   2006-05-17 08:55:47
From:   jaythrash
Thank you for this article! I've always wished there was a way to download track previews to my iPod so I could listen to them while I'm on the go as a rarely have time to "sit and shop" on my Mac.

If we took this a step or two further, I can envision a scenario that would greatly increase the rate at which I purchase tracks of iTunes. Consider this:

1. Apple rolls this functionality into iTunes and allows users to sync preview tracks to iPods.

2. While listening to your preview tracks, you have the ability to mark your favorite tracks for purchase. This could be accomplished through a screen just like the ratings screen, but customized for preview tracks.

3. When you next sync your iPod, tracks marked for purchase are automatically removed from the preview playlist and added to your cart for purchase. iTunes would automatically jump to the check out page and await your final approval for the purcase.

Someone tell me why Apple wouldn't want to implement this?! :) Their most powerful "weapon" at the moment is the iPod. Just think of the impact it would have if it could be leveraged as a mechanism to empower purchasing!