Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   re: IP address using ADSL Router/Modem
Date:   2002-07-20 10:28:43
From:   bjarnedm
Response to: IP address using ADSL Router/Modem

My personal experiences is with Cisco 677 ADSL routere. Now, some ISPs make an open door to routing !everything! to the computer on the LAN having that address. Others block everything not requested. Even others assign different services (ports) to different loca computers on the LAN so that ftp is eg. *.*.*.3 while http is eg. *.*.*.8. Now, in case of the Cisco 677 you need to get into it's routing table!!! You do this by getting hold of a TCP program. Start it and go to the IP-address the Cisco router has on your LAN (usually *.*.*.1). You'll the be asked to log in. Do this, and the type : "show nat". This will give you the routing table of the router. You now need to connect the external IP that you have on the internet to the LAN IP-address. You do this by typing the following : "set nat entry add <local-ip> 80 <router-ip> 80 tcp". Then "write" and "exit". Now, the smart thing to do is to assing your computer a !permanent! IP-address on the LAN and !not! use DHCP. the 'D' in DHCP is for dynamic, and it's not a good idea to have a webserver that might get a new IP-address :-)

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