Weblog:   Amazon Web Services API
Subject:   Web Services API Wishlist: high velocity data sources
Date:   2002-07-20 11:08:50
From:   evanwolf
Response to: Web Services API Wishlist: .gov and Monster

One more wish: Organizations with high velocity data. Weather, Traffic, Sports, News, Wall Street. The last ten years have been about aggregation and distribution for these folks. The tide is adding analysis and interpretation: web service APIs can help that along.

For example, add context to that news story about the Taliban: who has a financial stake in Afghanistan, who has been writing about them, prior news coverage, books citing the Taliban, movies shot about them or in the country, people with Taliban or Afghanistan on their resumes.

My goal is to get a more complete, timely and accurate picture faster. Can we collapse the time it took to understand the Enron failure from months to days with tools like this?

- Phil Wolff,