Photoshop Elements 4 for the Mac: Worth the Wait?
Subject:   Bridge & iPhoto
Date:   2006-05-21 18:38:53
From:   sjk
Thanks for the review, Giles. I was particularly interested in the info about Bridge since I hadn't read anything else about it.

Btw, does Elements have any AppleScript support?

Adobe ought to make Bridge an alternate interface to iPhoto, working directly with iPhoto's directory and metadata structures.

Would it make sense for the Media Browser (used by several iApps) to be extended with [meta]data write capabilities instead of being limited to read-only access? Or something that would give Bridge and other non-Apple apps read/write access to content in media libraries through a common interface. I'm thinking of a generalized, Apple-supported mechanism for doing that instead of different developers implementing unique media library routines for their apps.

Multiple media libraries (e.g. Bridge vs. iPhoto) is obviously an important underlying issue here. Is there any hope for some kind of unification or are we stuck choosing just one (for simplicity's sake) or having to manage multiple libraries (with the tedium of content management/sharing)?