MacBook Pro: The Thermal Paste Question
Subject:   Heat
Date:   2006-05-23 20:29:28
From:   duncan
Response to: Heat

I should elaborate a bit more. If there weren't an active heat transfer system in place, it'd be easier to take a static approach to thinking about the problem--the same as we'd use to think about dropping a piece of ice in an insulated glass.

But what isn't that obvious from the pictures--is that the heat pipe that the chips sit on are connected to two decent size radiators through which the impressive on-board fans blow. The technology used to move heat out of the chips and into air makes the HVAC system in your house look fairly quaint.

Heat pipes are extremely efficient at transmitting thermal energy. And once that energy has been sucked out of the chips and transferred into a continous source of air, the simple static model of thinking about it can't be used.

I hope that helps.

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