Build a Web-Based Bug Tracking App, Part 2
Subject:   Changes coming
Date:   2006-05-24 18:24:50
From:   JesseLiberty
There are a number of changes I would make to this design if I had it to do over. In this comment and then in follow up comments, I'll explain.

First, the short description should be renamed "BugName" and moved to the Bug table as it is immutable (now) for the life of the bug. While there, I'd get rid of "placeholder"

Second, using the First Reported Date in the Bugs table is an unacceptable denormalization; the first reported date should be obtained by getting the BugHistoryID=1 for that BugID

Third, using the user's name (rather than ID) is a dangerous denormalization, acceptable for very small groups, but really not necessary

Fourth, more important, the select statements used to retrieve the latest bug shoudl be moved to a stored procedure

I'll add more in time, and as soon as I can find time I'll post an updated and heavily commented version of the code on my site and place a note here.



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  1. Changes coming
    2006-06-02 14:21:59  JesseLiberty [View]

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