MacBook Pro: The Thermal Paste Question
Subject:   One more addition
Date:   2006-05-24 19:11:01
From:   DaffyDuck
It seems to me that you have seen your computer operate at 2 extremes. Barely any fan operation and fans blasting at full speed. You have determined that the "Barely any fan operation" is the correct one is a design decision by Apple. But there is a middle ground. With normal use, the left fan in my machine runs constantly at a fairly low and quite speed. The processor stays at roughly 47C and the case is quite cool. I don't have a laser thermometer to check the case temp but I can watch a movie with the computer on my lap with shorts on. The fans don't have to blast to accomplish this.

I really don't think the thermal system is working as originally designed in most MBPs.

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