Telling Stories at JavaOne
Subject:   Criticism for its own sake
Date:   2006-05-24 20:00:28
From:   webmink
For the last year or so, Simon Phipps and others at Sun have given talks stressing Sun's history of opening up code and how deeply ingrained Open Source is in Sun's culture. A recurring theme is that there is no need for any more licenses.

Any more open source licenses. Until Java is open source there is no way to work with it except through licensing changes. Sad, but true. You'd prefer me to do nothing and leave things broken, I assume?

They agree with others in the open source community that there is an over-proliferation of licenses. Why then, you might ask, was there a need for CDDL (Common Development and Distribution License)? Ahhh, they answer, that was different. We needed just a few changes from the Mozilla Public License on which it was based. But, that's it. We promise. There's no need for anyone to create any more licenses.

And indeed, no-one has had another Mozilla clone approved by OSI since CDDL, and I retired SISSL so there has been no net increase in open source licenses resulting from creating it, and an effective barrier-by-example created to further proliferation.

So do you have a real issue over licensing, or are you just lashing out because Java SE wasn't open sourced in time for JavaOne like everyone else is?

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