MacBook Pro: The Thermal Paste Question
Subject:   Just more anecdotal evidence
Date:   2006-05-25 21:08:50
From:   duncan
Response to: Just more anecdotal evidence

Indeed. This isn't a highly controlled scientific experiment. I freely admit that in both the article and now. I said then, and now, maybe my thermal paste skills suck. I don't think so, but given the lack of rigor--as well as tens of other samples to make it a statisicaly valid experiement--it's possible.

And, if you don't beleive that running `yes` in two windows won't zip up your cpu temps, do it while leaving a MacBook Pro in your lap. Give it just a few minutes and you'll have a problem. :) That's a simple one to test. I'm sure other ways of loading the processor might heat the processor more--at least it would flip more gates on and off--but, it my case and that of lots of others, the load `yes` puts on is more than enough.

As far as verifying both cores are loaded, you can watch Activity Monitor or use the CPU pref panel that comes with the CHUD tools.

As far as your conclusion, yes I'd agree that the lesson is that there are no quick fixes. But I also come back to my original conclusion that I think the real fix is for just a bit more fan to be applied to the equation during normal usage. That was my big takeaway.