Subject:   Upgrade to Web 2.1
Date:   2006-05-26 12:48:18
From:   jeremy4321
Response to: Upgrade to Web 2.1

That said, it must be frustrating to have all this bad press. The quadry as I see it is that you can't have unauthorized JavaOne, Comdex, or CES conventions going around, so why is it a big deal to limit Web 2.0 conferences.

Well, I think the difference is in the title. Comdex, JavaOne, and CES are unique names. Web 2.0 seems like more of a standard, which shouldn't be trademarked. It would seem to me like saying that AJAX or HTML or WWW could be trademarked or something.

I do realize that there are differences but when you take some industry word or phrase and slap a version number on it, expect trademark confusion (e.g. AJAX 2.0, Browser 2.0, Operating System 2.0, Firewall 2.0).