Thought Experiment: Science as an Open Source Project
Subject:   Open Source Medicine
Date:   2002-07-23 06:39:54
From:   reggoboy
I'd like to see Open Source apply to the Medical community.

The fact that you can go to 10 different doctors and get 10 different prognoses is not, I don't think, an indication of diversity but rather an indication of a dearth of information combined with the unwillingness to say "I really don't know".

And the fact that there are some doctors out there that have working solutions to medical problem X but that 99% of the medical community (and, hence, 99% of the public) doesn't know about it indicates a real lack of communication. There should be a central CVS for medical info, and when a doctor finds a "cure", he checks it in. Sure, you'd have to extend CVS to support peer-review, confidence factors, risk, etc. But it could work very nicely.

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