Using Dependency Injection in Java EE 5.0
Subject:   So what's new ?
Date:   2006-05-28 03:23:01
From:   Gargamelle
Response to: So what's new ?

Well, Ive just started with all this Java server side frameworks, but I disagree about J2EE having ignored competitors lessons. In fact, dependency injection - POJO testable objects seems spring based, annotations configuration use seems xdoclet based and persistence API seems a lightweight solution Hibernate-JDO based. Still, J2EE has dependency on EJB Container if you use EJBs. But you can use the Persistence API absolutelly stand alone from EJB Container, albeit you could need remote beans, then you must use the EJB Container.
I think J2EE team has been aware of their own mistakes and advantages and have tried to merge all the successful ideas into one strong especification. Any way I already have to investigate more!