3-D Data Visualization on Mac OS X
Subject:   Don't try this tutorial!!!!!!!
Date:   2002-07-23 09:49:41
From:   paulbawon
I'm having the same problems as everyone else. I've downloaded, compiled and made CMake and VTK, run the demo's and can't interact with Mace. Then when I try and soldier on with the tcl/tk I get the same error messages about not being able to find the files.

It is so anonying to see the light at the end of the tunnel yet not quite reach it.

I therefore recommend that if you haven't already, don't try this tutorial as it will drive you nuts!!!!!

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  1. Mistaken paths
    2002-07-24 10:52:29  nundys [View]

    • Mistaken paths - still don't try it!!!!
      2002-07-31 03:26:41  paulbawon [View]

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