Creating a Windows DLL with Visual Basic
Subject:   Calling .dll from Delphi app
Date:   2006-05-30 06:14:50
From:   archer1960
This works great for calling the .dll from another VB app, but when I try to call it from a Delphi app, I get "Access violation at address xxxxxx in MSVBVM60.dll". I've verified that all my calling and return parameters are on 4-byte boundaries, but still no luck. Any suggestions of what to look for? I've also tried various return types and values from DllMain, but nothing changes. Logging shows that it never starts executing the actual function I'm trying to call.

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  1. Calling .dll from Delphi app
    2006-05-30 10:10:37  archer1960 [View]

    • Calling .dll from Delphi app
      2007-02-25 04:25:17  jalal_panah_amand [View]

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