Telling Stories at JavaOne
Subject:   When will IBM embrace open source?
Date:   2006-05-30 14:32:55
From:   RationalPi
IBM and certain segments of the open source community love to dog on Sun for not open sourcing Java. The truth of the matter is that the source for Java is available for everyone to see. What they really mean when they ask about open sourcing Java is when will they be able to wrestle Java from Sun's hands to their own advantage. They envy Sun for the success of Java and want to wield more control themselves. Microsoft tried that a few years back too.

The Java Community Process (JCP) is one of the most active open source communities around and Sun has done an admirable job managing it while at the same time keeping Java from being forked and fragmented. So when is IBM going get off their high horse and stop pretending that they embrace open source when WSAD, WebSphere and their Rational products are all closed source. All of Sun's application servers and development tools are now open. Hell, they're even open sourcing the Sparc chip architecture? I don't see IBM open sourcing the PowerPC architecture.

When is IBM going to stop pointing fingers and step up to the plate and embrace open source?