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  Soldiers Renege on Hackers
Subject:   No five star generals
Date:   2006-05-31 13:23:24
From:   Airman_from_Maine
Response to: No five star generals

Unless I missed something there were a total of 4 Five Star Generals/Admirals still alive in 1960. Gen. Omar N. Bradley was the last general to receive the 5th star (1950) and also the last to die (1981). Technically he was on active duty when he died and was usually present at Presidential Inaugurations.

Below is a list of Names, Date of Rank, Date of Death
Adm. William D. Leahy Dec. 15, 1944 07-20-1959
Gen. George C. Marshall Dec. 16, 1944 10-16-1959
Adm. Ernest J. King Dec. 17, 1944 06-25-1956
Gen. Douglas MacArthur Dec. 18, 1944 04-05-1965
Adm. Chester Nimitz Dec. 19, 1944 02-20-1966
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower Dec. 20, 1944 03-28-1969
Gen. Henry H. Arnold Dec. 21, 1944 01-15-1950
Adm. Willliam F. Halsey Dec. 11, 1945 07-20-1959
Gen. Omar N. Bradley Sep. 20, 1950 04-08-1981