Telling Stories at JavaOne
Subject:   Criticism for its own sake
Date:   2006-06-01 02:44:58
From:   jwenting
Response to: Criticism for its own sake

"Until Java is open source there is no way to work with it except through licensing changes."

That's weird, millions of people have worked with Java for the last decade (or part thereof) with no problem at all.

It's only the open source zealots who feel like you, and most of them are just waiting for a chance to take the Java platform to the chopping block to make it indeed impossible to work with, but for that they first need Java to become open source.

"You'd prefer me to do nothing and leave things broken, I assume?"

I'd prefer you to keep your grubby fingers off the platform so it doesn't become terminally broken by your attempts to "improve" it (and that's a generic statement to all the people who have far reaching ideas to "improve" the platform by making sweeping changes to it that would break compatibility).