Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   OS defines your thinking
Date:   2006-06-01 15:45:26
From:   SteveGeorge

Great post and I have to agree. I'm using OS X a lot at the moment as I need Office, but every day it's painful ... and that's after over a year.

My number one problem is lack of virtual windows. Virtue tries it's best but OS X isn't centred around the window concept so it's a constant problem. I use Witch to try and make alt+tab work properly.

I wonder if the OS defines how you think and act on your machine though. I am not into media that much, but the plethora of tools and their ease of use is an eye opener. I can really understand how the creative juices could be driven by OS X's applications.

Number 1 thing that GNOME could learn from OS X is consistent, easy and seamless keyboard use. I _really_ miss that on Linux.