Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   I want these 8 minutes of my life back
Date:   2006-06-01 18:23:57
From:   eric.rigsby
Response to: I want these 8 minutes of my life back

I think this comment sums up the "OS X vs. world" idea. Most Mac users get so emotionally attached to the OS. OS X and related apps can do no wrong.

I agree with almost all of the points made in this article. Some of these complaints I have been making about OS X since it was released.

I still use my iBook everyday but have FreeBSD installed on all of my other computers. Coming from FreeBSD, I was excited by the possibilities of having a FreeBSD-esque userland to play with in OS X. I have been disappointed so far. The rumors of moving away from the bloated and slow mach kernel are interesting. I still really like my iBook with OS X though. I really like the 12 inch (some people say the screen is to small but I don't want a pizza box in my lap). I have been able to find open source apps that run natively. I am using NeoOffice. I know word processing is always a question.

It's not Windows too. :)