Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   2006 article about a 2003 OS?
Date:   2006-06-01 22:00:39
From:   dpeach
I think it is poor timing for the article. This is talking about an older version of Mac OS X. How does it apply to a current version? I don't know what has changed, since I just purchased my first Mac about a month ago. But I am sure that comparing a state of the art Linux box to Widows 2000 or ME would not really be fair.

What is the authors usage of Unix on the desktop? That is never stated in the article. It sounds like it is not your average person's interest in a computer.

Macs are not for everyone, but neither is a dump truck good for every job.

I do agree with the author that there are some frustrations. I come from a Linux background and my wife from Windows. She has had very few complaints and I have been frustrated when using the new Mac. Particularly with any command line tools. So I can sympathize with the author. But he makes it sound like the Mac is not good for people who want to get work done, just those who want to play. And that is far from the truth.