Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   The UI matters
Date:   2006-06-02 07:08:27
From:   tbuskey
I had a similar experience w/ MacOSX. I used MacOS extensively around System 6 to 7 timeframe and liked it very much.

I wish both MacOSX and Windows let me have a virtual desktop ala kde/gnome/fvwm2/olvwm. I live in an xterm world with up to 100 xterm/editor/browser/etc windows open. The standard Win/OSX desktops don't do that.

This isn't a bash on the stock UI. It's great for the average office worker working in 1-2 applications. I'm not the target audience and it doesn't fit.

Why don't cp/tar/mv etc desl with resource forks? Use those utilities on your user's classic mac data (quark?) and you lost data! Yes, there's another command that does it. Why not at least have a see also entry on the man page for cp/mv/tar to it?

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