Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   I want these 8 minutes of my life back
Date:   2006-06-02 07:47:35
From:   sam_kass
Response to: I want these 8 minutes of my life back

The whole article can be summed up with this line:

"$129 OS Upgrades ... Sure, I don't get the t-shirt, but I can hold off on installing things that I absolutely do not need."

Since almost everything the author complained about seems to be better in 10.4, there's really no point to this entire article. The bottom line UNIXis that on 10.4 it's EASIER to figure out what's going wrong in MacOS X than linux. I'd love "fsusage" on linux, and Mail has a nice menu option to show everything it's trying to do.

The remaining complains really boil down to virtual desktops and focus-follows-mouse. If you really REALLY require these features, then X Windows is your only choice.

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