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  Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   also, forgot
Date:   2006-06-02 07:56:06
From:   axle
Response to: strace is ktrace

lsof works fine for me with macosx 10.4.

gdb works fine for me. personally, I've never noticed any differences between gdb on linux, solaris, and macosx.

10.4 also now ships with a real korn shell. hallelujah.

The best point in the article is the one about an uninstaller. Hopefully Apple will listen and work towards improving the installation (and particularly the uninstallation) procedure.

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  1. lsof b0rken on MacIntel
    2006-06-06 21:12:10  kms-werk [View]

    • lsof b0rken on MacIntel
      2006-07-19 08:08:28  axle [View]

  2. also, forgot
    2006-06-02 10:19:24  msporleder [View]

    • also, forgot
      2006-06-04 07:19:05  dnasthegreat [View]

    • also, forgot
      2006-06-02 12:00:20  axle [View]

  3. also, forgot
    2006-06-02 08:16:00  saschabrossmann [View]

    • also, forgot
      2006-06-02 11:49:03  axle [View]

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