Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   (G)UIs are not about looks
Date:   2006-06-02 08:33:52
From:   saschabrossmann
just one remark on that user interface topic: something a large part of the FOSS crowd seems to constantly get wrong is the idea that (graphical) user interfaces would be mostly about looks. and that's what in most cases lands on the normal gnu/linux desktop. just (imitated) looks. unfortunately. because the looks are just one ingredient to good UI design (which is not a separate layer coating program logic, mind you). feel, consistency, system integration, ... huh? despite the late efforts by novell, ubuntu, etc. interface/interaction design in the FOSS world is still in a very pathetic state. and given the widespread lack of both competence and understanding it will propably stay much that way during the next years. <sigh>... it won't matter if you do most of your work consistently in the shell (one of the very few cases where gnu/linux really does excel in terms of usability). but then, that's not the average desktop user...