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  Using Folder Redirection
Subject:   offline folder redirection in different site of same domain
Date:   2006-06-02 15:38:15
From:   Kieg
Response to: offline folder redirection in different site of same domain

This is another disappointing outcome from Microsoft. Off-line folders have a fundamental problem in that they do not handle files such as Access Databases very well. The description is mis-leading as the directory is not really re-directed it is replicated, thus the slow loading over a WAN link. Even using Site GPO does not help as when the user moves from one site to another the links are broken by the fact that the replication is to the specific machine name.
If the location was truly redirected, then all the files would be located only in the target server directory and there would not be any local files. This is what I am after as it reduces the risk of file theft as well as providing the backup security and seamless access that a redirection would give.