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Subject:   worst article ever
Date:   2006-06-04 16:25:14
From:   Alaninportland
Response to: worst article ever

I agree. I actually belly laughed and shot milk out my nose after reading it!

This article seemed more like a sophomoric and pathetic cry for attention than an honest literary critique.

Those who feel this strongly about an operating system should seek therapy or, at very least, a different hobby. The Linux vs. Windows vs. OS X vs. whatever OS argument nearly always breaks down into a "I'm smarter than you because I know a given OS" rant; and this is no exception.

I urge you and anyone else to use the OS that you like. Vote for your favorite by using it and leave everyone alone. Lastly, remember, the operating system you use isn't indicative of how smart or l33+ you are. I and many of my colleagues run many different OSs and we view them as tools for getting things done. I assume that if author were to spend more time doing things with his OS rather than writing about petty annoyances I'm sure he would lose less sleep at night.

At any rate, I'm surprised this slipped by O'Reilly. It must have been a slow news day. An article about the virtues of GLX would have been a far more interesting and fruitful read.

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