Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   Just a few points
Date:   2006-06-05 02:59:09
From:   newuser007
Response to: Just a few points

I agree with the author, perhaps except of strace, for which ktrace is a solid alternative. I do think he has a point. I miss focus follows mouse. I miss _real_ X11.

I still haven't switched back, for several reasons:
- I absolutely depend on external monitor. support is not as nice as on os x. You plug monitor in the port. System detects it and expands your desktop (according to remembered configuration). You disconnect it, all your applications are instantly moved back.

I travel a lot, I come to my office, connect, work with display, then I go to visit client, I disconnect monitor while working and when I come back, I connect it again.

There was also some problem with Wifi card having no real driver alternative for Linux. This is over. I have ordered new Macbook Pro, I hope I can make linux work on it easily...