Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   Thank you for taking the words out of my mouth
Date:   2006-06-05 07:40:23
This article almost echos ALL of my OS X vs Linux comparisons. Mac fanatics think I'm in denial, or lying, but after using my new iBook in OS X only for almost 9 months I came to the same conclusions as you, and first of all is speed; I can work much faster in Linux than in OS X, hands down. Beyond that the need to work within the 'system' as you say is right on, with Linux I can tweak everything to how *I* like it, no borders. Hell, when I used XFCE4 I didn't like that it had a top and bottom taskbar (don't get me started on Mac's top menu + it's Dock..please take more screen away from me), and learned how I could hack it out so it just wasn't started when XFCE4 started, try to do something like that in Mac. Also, like you, I find desk icons the biggest waste of time, unless you design the damn things in 4 different sizes, and in OS X -- within finder -- you can uncheck things so it won't show disk drives and the like on the desk, but still, icons will still appear there, all over the place. In Linux I dnld everything to ~/downloads, which I have a keyboard shortcut to pop open a term to, then some quick typing of GNU commands gets my app installed in likely 10% of the time the 'Unstuffing' 'Mounting drive image' 'clicking to open drive image' 'open finder' drag drive image app to finder -> the animation... Seriously I do not feel more productive, I feel like I'm wasting my time. There are positives in OSX but again, as you, I lean more towards Linux for desktop productivity. OS X is likely fine for 95% of their audience, but for us that are not we're shouted down that OS X is Unix with a great UI -- when in fact it's truthfully neither. Thanks again for a great article.