Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   Switch back and get a better accelerated desktop.
Date:   2006-06-05 07:45:19
Response to: Switch back and get a better accelerated desktop.

I was amazed at what XGL/compwiz could do with a 3 year old video card, truely the effects were on par, and in some cases BEYOND what you can do on OS X -- does this really matter? It matters when everyone who bashes Linux do so by stating that OS X 'looks' better, it does in some cases, and in others does not when compared with XGL stuff. The 'wobbly' windows are just more fun, or just more natural to use. Think about moving a piece of paper across your desk, it's not rigid; it bends when you move it - so does the windows in XGL. Sounds like a tiny thing, but I find it much more...I don't know, fun to use, and when I go to other UIs it feels just stiff and unreal in comparision.