Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   The best "review"
Date:   2006-06-05 09:23:29
Response to: The best "review"

If OS X is not for you, don't use it. And I would never defile a Mac by installing Linux or any other OS on it. Get a PC for that plus you'll save a lot of money.

This is the exact kind of crap I've heard whenever I tell ppl I like Linux on my iBook -- and why I appreciate this article so much. Save money, how? You get what you pay for, you've seen the reviews that list the new iMac Intel being the fastest Windows machine ever? So why would you not want your favorite OS on it as well? Personally I like parts of OS X, but my exper mirrors the author of this article. Apple fan(atics) could just say, "it takes different strokes to fill the world" but instead come up with this illusion that everything Apple is unbeatable, and if you disagree you're "defiling" the Mac! So funny...look, it's a computer, a tool, use it way it works best for you, and drop the zelotry.

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  1. The best "review"
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