Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   worst article ever
Date:   2006-06-05 11:30:44
From:   sharumpe
Response to: worst article ever

I don't agree that it was "...a sophomoric and pathetic cry for attention".

I personally prefer the Mac OS to Linux as a desktop OS (yes, I've used Linux as a desktop once or twice) but I found the arguments in the article to be well-reasoned, if somewhat limited to the author's particular preferences.

Nowhere in the article did the author state that Macs and their users are dumb|useless|idiotic because of some feature (or lack of it). On the contrary, I thought that maybe there was a bit too much of the "for me, this is true" caveat in there.

My only criticism of the article is that perhaps it is a bit out-of-date. The critiques of Mac OS X are from an OLD version (10.2), so I found myself constantly wondering if the author would have found more|fewer problems with the current version or hardware.

My only suggestion to the author is to upgrade to an Intel-based Mac. Then you don't have to use a PPC version of Linux. ;)

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