Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   The best "review"
Date:   2006-06-05 20:25:50
From:   EGN
Response to: The best "review"

...and drop the zelotry..

Back to ya, chum.

You must have meant: zealotry |-?tr?| noun. Not as bad as extremist or bigot. Sort of falls in between enthusiast, fanatic and the aforementioned two. Hey, not too bad. So...

Yep. Looks like I'm turning into one. Must be the great "all works" experience. Real bad influence. Not the hack, hack, sweat to make it work; waste time getting it to work, untill finally, maybe it works, sort of, experience with desktop Linux. Yeah, I know it's a whole lot better now than 10 years ago, but still, not there yet. Ive used it for over 10 years. So I should know kiddo. You write and sound like you were probably suckling on your mum's tit back when I was using Linux/UNIX/BSD. So you haven't got a clue! But I, on the other hand, can tell you from EXPERIENCE. See, that's what us OLD folk have plenty of. And no, OS X is not for seniors. Its' for people who want to get the job done and have time left over for other things.

Though I must admit, better a Linux zealot than a Windoze one, eh? Cheers!