Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   fsusage
Date:   2006-06-06 21:09:04
From:   kms-werk
Response to: I want these 8 minutes of my life back

Hell, I wouldn't mind it on my OS X Tiger 10.4 MacBook Pro (Intel):

[kself@holehawg:kself]$ man fsusage
No manual entry for fsusage
[kself@holehawg:kself]$ fink apropos fsusage
Information about 4977 packages read in 4 seconds.
[kself@holehawg:kself]$ which fsusage
[kself@holehawg:kself]$ locate fsusage
[kself@holehawg:kself]$ md
md md5sum mdcheckschema mdimport mdutil
md5 mdatopbm mdfind mdls
[kself@holehawg:kself]$ mdfind fsusage

(You do know that Spotlight's a GUI wrapper around mdfind, right?

Bonus points to anyone who knows where "holehawg" comes from.

/me shuttles back to his yurt....

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    2006-06-29 19:51:35  siracusa [View]

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