An Unencrypted Look at FileVault
Subject:   How to turn off FireVault
Date:   2006-06-06 23:45:22
From:   Wolf175
Response to: How to turn off FireVault

Dear FJ
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer! I am glad, I still found your site in the internet, because in the meantime my iMac collapsed and I lost - amongst many other things - all my bookmarks.
If I am not mistaken, my iMac has to open each day (during my trips abroad) for a few minutes in order to receive my mail from my POP-account and forward it to my Hotmail-account, where I can read it in hotels etc. In order to open the computer with the FireVault-protection working, I had to type in my password ...
That is, why I wanted to disable it.
After reading your letter, I decided to disregard that erroneous message about having to delete over 4000 GBs (I thought, machines make no mistakes ...) and simply threw out all my music. That helped. I could disable the FireVault.
But then I tried to install and use TECHTOOL PRO Version 4 in order to defragmentize my HD. - That was more, than my iMac could take. I could not start it again and had to re-install the system (which solved the fragmentization ;-).
After the nervous breakdown of my iMac, I decided, that it is simpler for him/her, if I take out any information, that should not be read by intruders.
Thanks and Cheers! Wolf175

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