Switching Back to Desktop Linux
Subject:   This article does not threaten your manhood
Date:   2006-06-07 00:32:32
From:   theonetwothree
I'm a MacOSX user, and one of the things that embarrass me most about using it is other MacOSX users and their ridiculous reactions any time anyone mentions that they prefer either Windows or Linux (or *BSD or whatever). One would think that the article is somehow attacking the OSX users' manhood and/or sexuality.

Really, I administer a bunch of Mac OSX machines at work at the moment and most of the users are incredibly inept in all things technical (Why should they be? They're graphic designers) The coders almost all use Windows and Linux, out of choice, not because they must, simply because they find that it has tools and other features they like and need.

MacOSX is a fantastic OS, but it isn't the only one.