SQL Subqueries
Subject:   Subquery - how
Date:   2006-06-07 06:37:45
From:   Brickyard
I am a newbie to writing SQL!
I need to create a file where each row is unique to an individual. In one of the tables I need to query, a field exists named PHONE_USE_CD (1-Business, 2-Fax, 3-Voicemail). Two other fields are AREA_CODE and PHONE_NUMBER. I need to retrieve both the Business phone and Voicemail phone numbers into the same row. I also have a table of spoken languages where a field exists named LANGUAGE (FR-French, IT-Italian, SP-Spanish, GM-German, etc.) Some people speak multiple languages and I need to identify each language spoken in the single row. I think I need to write a subquery, but am unsure how to do so.