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  Grabbing iTMS Preview Tracks the Geek Way
Subject:   Real use for preview tracks: a portable Wish List
Date:   2006-06-07 11:01:26
From:   cksmith
Response to: Real use for preview tracks: a portable Wish List

>what I *most* want is the metadata associated with the track, rather than the track itself (which is really just a placeholder used to have something to attach the metadata to). Anybody have a solution to that?

Just use the first part of the process described in the article:

Drag the preview songs you like into a new playlist, then save the playlist as a text file. Import into Excel or other spreadsheet program, and print it out. Take the spreadsheet to the store, and you have all the metadata you need for shopping. If you want it electronic instead of dead trees, you'll have to put it into your mobile phone, or as a note file in your iPod.