Mac in the Enterprise: An Odyssey
Subject:   Interoperability
Date:   2002-07-24 20:42:46
From:   azstefano
I agree that OS-X's unix underpinnings are a huge asset to bringing the Mac back into the enterprise space. I work for an engineering company whose user base suffered an involuntary reverse migration in the name of "centralization of IT resources" The move cost way more than it saved, and resulted in vastly poorer service.
I kept my Mac and have had few problems in a Solaris/PC environment since protocols like Appletalk are no longer needed. And I use my iBook frequently with ported Unix apps in X.

But - one huge deficit in what is available for OS-X is the teleconferencing applications. My company frequently uses NetMeeting to replace business trips. I thought the T.120 underpinnings of NetMeeting were originally open-source. Netopia marketed NetMeeting for the Mac a while back, but one of their reps told me that Microsoft "stopped licensing the technology to them" before the last major rev.

This needs to be addressed for Macs to be able to coexist in the cross-platform business arena. And - I believe Apple *must* reclaim some of the business segment for it to be able to increase overall share significantly. Capability to make iMovies of the kids does not have sufficient traction to make a meaningful difference, Pixar notwithstanding.

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