Apple Tech at Macworld NY 2002
Subject:   punishing early adopters
Date:   2002-07-25 03:05:18
From:   harald.binder
This article is exactly right: That heavy price tag for Jagar (in Europe its 160 Euro; that's approximately 160 US$) is like punishing the early adopters.
For example I paid for every version starting with Public Beta and resisted to use MacOS 9 or even Classic from that time on. I sent dozens of Public Beta-error reports and continued to do so after the 10.0.0 release.
In addition it seems that I don't need any of the new Jaguar features (the iApps, etc.). The only thing I would like to have is the speed boost and perhaps the sprin-loaded folders (which were present at MacOS 9).
So for me its like paying 160 US$ for bug fixes!
Because of that I will simply wait until I get a new computer and then I will get the OS for free.

Very frustrated,