Apple vs. the Bloggers: How It Unfolded and Where It Stands Now
Subject:   I hope Apple takes it up to the Supremes.
Date:   2006-06-13 19:55:15
From:   rkoman
Response to: I hope Apple takes it up to the Supremes.

So, the court pretty much did draw this line. It's not a question of what technology you use to publish your writings but rather whether you act and organize in a journalistic fashion. Here, the "bloggers" had a track history of real reporting, had sources contacting them, published daily, etc. The issue is, how would this be different if the sites were the instead of AppleInsider? If the only difference is size or name recognition of the site, it doesn't seem reasonable to say one is a jouralist and one is not.

If that is so, surely the line of journalism isn't online vs. print.

But, this is very important, just because these guys do work as journalists doesn't mean *every* blogger is a journalist; I quite agree with you. It means that just because you use blog software doesn't mean you're NOT a journalist.

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  1. I hope Apple takes it up to the Supremes.
    2006-06-15 09:45:54  DanaScully [View]

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