Apple Tech at Macworld NY 2002
Subject:   Good Article..
Date:   2002-07-25 13:10:34
From:   rmuthup
A well written article about the MacWorld Expo among the all the noise generated last week, through the more traditional outlets!

Without compelling hardware (performance wise) Apple rightly chose to focus on the software and some gizmos at this Expo. But I think they missed the boat by offering this one price fits all .Mac offering and the upgrade pricing.

.Mac: Offer the service on a scale depending on the users needs. Not everyone needs a large iDisk space, or a virus software from Apple. Most ISP's provide webspace anyway. So, why can't have a three tier price system: (a) A limited webmail system for $29.99/year; (b) an intermediate service for $60.00/year - email, webpages, iphoto hosting; (c) A delux service for the full price? Why should this be a flat price scheme?

They need to get more people use 10.2. What better way than to make "everyone" who already runs 10.1 to upgrade to 10.2 by making it affordable? As you rightly point out, new buyers will get it free and so would those who are running OS 9. Why not bridge the gap? Is 10.2 worth paying for the upgrade? Yes. Should it be full price? No. I think this type of effort will turn even the most ardent Mac Users off - and I see will promote s/w piracy.


PS: Apple is slowly turning into a MicroSoft. They have to be careful.. they don't have 96.4% of the market.